Passion and people mean everything to us; helping, supporting, providing advice and encouragement. Our passion and pursuit of excellence pays dividends for our customers. And we love that!

As a specialist of TAILORED services, products and experiences it's without surprise that TAILORED by TITAN provides for all of your custom apparel, merchandise, promotional and branding needs.

TITAN caters for all your cycling, running, swimming and apparel needs; from beginner through to professional, from individual through to clubs, businesses and mass participation events.

We believe not just in doing things differently; but doing different things. It’s this difference that makes ‘The TITAN Experience’ not only positive and professional, but one that we hope you find memorable, rewarding and something special.

We tailor solutions to meet your requirements. Head over to our Custom Apparel, Promotional & Merchandise and Ultimate Experience pages for further information.

We’d love to discover more on how we can best support you, your club, business or event.