Merida Time Warp Limited Tri Bike


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The Merida Time Warp Tri Limited is the TT weapon you've been looking for to get the most out of yourself on raceday. From the triathletes to the time trial specialist, this bike is designed for maximum performance. Everything about this bike is optimised for top of the line aerodynamic performance as the carbon frame uses an aero tear drop profile for aero efficiency in combination with the high-end CF4 Carbon fork. Cables are routed internally and the carbon is created with a process that reduces weak points and ultimately results in a lighter and stronger frame.This bike has spent hundreds of hours in wind tunnel testing to optimise design and spec and this really shows when you're out on the road. Merida built this bike with Ultegra Di2 ready groupset which gives you crisp shifting and optimal power transfer through to your Continental Grand Sport Race tyres. The Merida Time Warp Tri Limited puts you in the position to win on raceday with unrivalled performance, feel and design that will leave you in awe.


Internal Block: First introduced in our 2015 NINETY-SIX, the new version of the 'Internal Block' is incorporated directly in the frame and prevents the fork crown from hitting the frame in case of a crash or an extreme steering angle. As an extra protection, there are additional rubber bumpers on the frame to avoid any frame damage from the fork crown.

Flip Flop Head: Aero bikes deliver the best possible aerodynamics, but superb wind-tunnel performance data is useless if the rider can‘t get into the correct position. The ‘Flip Flop’ head allows seat angles to be optimised for comfort.

Internal Clamp: Designing WorldTour bikes is similar to Formula 1: apparently nondescript details can result in saving split seconds. Integrated seat-post clamping minimises turbulence at the top tube

NACA Fastback Profile: The aerodynamics are based around a NACA0028 teardrop profile (National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics) which is truncated. Air moves around the tube as though the missing rear section of the teardrop were still there, saving weight by using less material.

AWS: When creating the individual carbon elements, an inflatable bladder is used to ensure there are no wrinkles inside the tube as these can add weight and create weakness. This results in a lighter, stiffer and stronger frame.

Di2 Ready: Bikes/frames with the symbol ‘Di2 Ready’ are prepared for the installation of Di2 technology with battery mounting in the seat post or within the fork steerer.

Internal Cable Routing: Cables are routed through the frame, entering and exiting through smooth sockets. The bike looks neat, whilst the cables are protected from moisture and dirt.