Posted by Wade Burns, Founder, TITAN Performance Group on 1st Jan 2020



TUNED by TITAN is your immersive, fully equipped and professional bicycle service centre. 

Headed up by Lead Mechanic, Curtis Dowdell, TUNED provides a full range of services and products to keep your bike in top condition. 


Just like changing your oil keeps your car running by preventing damage to its parts, regular maintenance for your bicycle keeps components from wearing out before their time. A well maintained bicycle is much safer and makes riding much more enjoyable. Protect your investment and enjoy crisp shifting, smooth and responsive braking, and watch the kilometres roll by with much less effort and much more satisfaction.

TUNED by TITAN offers a full range of services from basic check up and 'Race Tune' to the 'Fully Dialled' comprehensive overhaul, along with an extensive suite of 'Service Items' for road, TT, triathlon and the ever growing CX and Gravel bike markets, irrespective of brand.

Custom work is something we love and can be performed as required. TUNED caters for all your bicycle needs; simply choose the service that's right for you or contact our TUNED team to discuss your service requirements.

We believe that riding your bike should be a thoroughly enjoyable and pain free experience, however here at TUNED we appreciate that not everyone has a bike set up that ideally matches their riding style, physiology or cycling discipline.

Our personalised Bike Sizing/Set Up service will work through your existing bike position, making any necessary adjustments and recommendations to achieve a far more comfortable set up.

The TUNED team has a wealth of experience in Bike Fitting, Exercise Physiology, Athlete Coaching and Personal Training, which combined allows us to deliver a balanced bike set up to allow you to enjoy many miles of comfortable pedalling.

For more information or to book your bicycle in with us for a service, click through the below link:

TITAN Performance
Shop 3, 367-369 Brighton Road
Hove SA 5048
(08) 8296 5274

TITAN is OPEN Monday to Saturday from 10 am.