The TITAN Experience

Posted by Wade Burns, Founder, TITAN Performance Group on 1st Jan 2020

The TITAN Experience

We are here for you. We believe in you. We care about you. We want to help you achieve your goals. Whatever they may be.

Our entire team at TITAN are committed to providing you with a unique, personal and positive experience. We pride ourselves on delivering a dynamic, responsive and enthusiastic ethos. By bringing our own experience, positive values and beliefs into the world of business we can articulate and deliver the provision of top quality goods and services coupled with a 'signature service' like no other.

Every contact in the community will leave its traces, like fingerprints or DNA. How we autograph our work informs people on what we are like as individuals. Our attitude to the service we provide really makes a difference and identifies us as individuals. Providing a professional, positive and prompt customer service experience is something most people would be pleased to identify with - this is the essence of signature service. This is what we deliver. 

Our TITAN founders, owners, management team and staff all possess a heritage of sport and healthy living, coupled with a wealth of corporate business knowledge and customer service. Each having previously developed and engaged in professional and corporate careers, the TITAN management team believe in a positive and inclusive  culture, setting the tone of how we deliver services to our loyal customer and clients. This fusion of sport and business provides TITAN Performance the edge in delivering what you - the client - wants, and needs. 

TITAN offers a complete and unique experience by specialising in the provision of a diverse range of goods and services across sport and business. In the sporting arena our portfolio includes but is not limited to bicycles, wetsuits, On shoes, custom casual and corporate wear, custom cycling, running and triathlon apparel, compression, active-wear, nutrition, cycling part and accessories, and much more.

In the corporate world we offer premium custom apparel, promotional products and merchandise for corporate business, sporting clubs, teams and organisations.

We're professional, run an efficient operation, eco-friendly, stakeholder focused, socially conscious, customer service driven, innovative with modern solutions and most of all we are passionate; passionate about people and product.

We are TITAN Performance.